The “Buzz” in Charlotte?

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Branding
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Charlotte takes the “Hornets” name back!

Well, not yet, but it could happen in the future!  There are so many people in the Charlotte area that want the Bobcats to go away.  Well, not literally go away.  They want to get rid of the Bobcats name and become the “Charlotte Hornets” again!  But, who can blame them.  The  Bobcats had the worst record in the league last season, which ended up being the worst winning percentage in league history.  That is definitely not something to be proud of and doesn’t make the future look too bright.  However, fans were excited for the chance to have the #1 overall draft pick, but they lost in that too, when the New Orleans Hornets stole the first overall pick in the draft lottery.  Isn’t it funny that the team with the name Charlotte fans want, would take the pick from Charlotte that could ignite the future.  Unfortunately, that is the way the NBA works.  Just because you may have been the worst team in the league the previous season, or the worst team in league history, doesn’t mean you get the first overall pick.  The NBA does this to eliminate losing on purpose at the end of a season.

So, would it be beneficial to Charlotte if they could take the “Hornets” name back.  Absolutely!  The Bobcats need to re-brand their team in any way possible, because they are struggling on and off the court.  The team is playing poorly and the stands are empty for just about any game you would have gone to last season.  The team struggles to sell season tickets and has been pushing extra hard lately to basically give away season tickets with various promotions.  With the excitement of potentially getting the #1 overall pick, they ran a promotion where you could buy season tickets where the price per game was equal to the draft pick number.  People could have paid $1 per game, but of course, the Bobcats didn’t win and fands ended up paying $2 per game.  Still a pretty good deal I think.  I think this promotion was probably fairly effective.  It was  a good idea of a way to take advantage of some excitement during the off-season, and turn the Draft Lottery into a season ticket sales event.  What I thought was an even more wilder promotion, was the promotion started the day after the Draft Lottery.  Season tickets for specific seat locations were “Buy this season, get next season free”!  That’s insane.  I’ve heard of “Buy one pair of shoes, get your second free”, but not season tickets.  That’s 82 games for the price of 41.  But wait, there is some logic behind this.  You think you may be getting a great deal, but the Bobcats may be trying their best to get you to the arena so you can buy all of the merchandise and food and drinks.  The Bobcats might figure that if they can’t get you to buy tickets, they might get you to buy 43 dinners at the arena.  It’s all about the money, and the Bobcats need to find any way possible to get your money.  These promotions are a good start, but re-branding to the Hornets would be a even better idea to create long term fans!  Think “Lifetime Value of the Customer”.

While the Bobcats can’t talk about whether they would like to take the “Hornets” name back publicly, since the name is owned by New Orleans, I do believe there is one sign that points to that direction.  Recently. the Bobcats announced that they would change their colors slightly.  The orange is still going to be one of the accent colors, but they are going to more of a lighter blue to go with the current blue.  Take a look at the hats released with the new colors, and then look at an old Charlotte Hornets Hat.  While the colors are not exactly the same, they are strikingly similar.

This is just one sign that I think points to the demise of the Bobcats, and the revival of the Buzz in Charlotte.  The Cable Box will be no longer and the Hive will take its rightful place in uptown Charlotte!  This change will be fairly easy to make and some of the dominoes are already falling into place.  When the New Orleans Hornets were bought by Tom Benson of the Saints, he mentioned that one of the first things he wants to do when the deal is complete, is to get rid of the Hornet’s name.  This is exactly what Charlotte needs to happen if they really want to become the Charlotte Hornets again.  And, the NBA already owns the “Charlotte Hornets” name, so that is another obstacle that they won’t have to face.  The pieces are in place for this change to happen and I think it is in the best interest of Charlotte, especially if they want to create a buzz around professional basketball in Charlotte!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Winning cures a lot of problems…Charlotte needs to focus on that.

  2. Joe W says:

    Personally, I don’t think the navy blue/light blue color scheme is at all “strikingly similar” to the old purple and turquoise. But that’s beside the point. How would people feel if we got the Hornets name back but not the old colors? Would you be bummed? Personally, I’d love the blue/light blue colors with the Hornets name and logo, but I figure lots of people probably want the old colors back too. I wouldn’t mind that; I just probably wouldn’t wear as much gear because purple isn’t really my color.

    • Ryan Wolf says:

      Thanks for your opinion Joe. After Posting this and discussing it with people, I do agree that the colors aren’t as similar as they were after first glance. However, I do think that if they were to take the hornets name back, they would have to use the old colors. I believe old hornets fans would need the colors to feel the same connection that they felt toward the original Hornets.

  3. JG Wellwood says:

    I could envision a happy medium with a mix of the colors for a new Hornets look. A hint of orange just might be a nice addition to the logo with Hugo on it.

    • Ryan Wolf says:

      I just don’t see fans wanting a hint of orange that reminds them of the Bobcats. If they take the Hornets name back, they will totally re-brand, and that means the disappearance of the Bobcats in any form.

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